These interior design trends for 2024 are going to change the way you use colors, textures, accessories, and moods, to shape the way you dress your space.

Interior design trends for 2024 are all about using colors, textures, and materials in a fresh, new, and innovative way.

Mint Greens and Mid-Blues are in for 2024. While many colors will always be timeless choices for our interiors, there are others that ebb and flow with the years and decades, and each year brings with it new ideas about what looks good in our houses.

‘How people want to decorate has recently shifted. For a start, we’re all craving a better outlook, and part of achieving that is to condition your brain to think more positively, which you can do by surrounding yourself with things that make you feel happy. Cocktail cabinets that move and rotate, furniture that’s geared towards sitting together and being convivial…anything that is a bit playful, glamorous, and dramatic is in.’

Renowned Designer, Lee Broom

This desire has filtered out and is being interpreted in many different ways. Here are the interior design trends we think will be the biggest in 2024 and beyond.

Our Interior Design team believes that there is a general move toward sophistication, but it’s a more relaxed take on sophistication than ever before. The style straddles a little bit of Scandinavian design and a little bit of maximalism. ‘While that feeling of luxury remains very important, don’t we now all want something that feels approachable, too?’ says Tara. ‘That you can walk around barefoot and not feel worried about? I find that people still want their spaces to feel grand, but while we might turn the volume up in the living room with some real wow design, we’ll then do a chic media room where the materials and textures are less formal, more edgy, and more comfortable. This reflects what’s happening generally, as people are finding they can be just as smart without a tie, and women have largely swapped their heels for trainers.’

Find out what’s going to be big news in 2024, and what materials, textures and colors you should be looking at.


These trends are bound to make the right statement in 2024

Biophilic Design Takes Centre Stage

The growing appreciation for nature and its calming influence on our lives will permeate interior design trends by 2024. Biophilic design, which incorporates natural elements into interior spaces, is expected to become a major trend. More homes with large indoor plants, natural wood finishes, and earthy color palettes that bring the outdoors in will be seen.

Expect homes in 2024 to seamlessly integrate nature within their confines. Indoor plants, organic textures, and earthy color palettes will converge to create environments that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also promote a harmonious and calming atmosphere.
Ayesha Ali

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design, one of the hottest trends set to inspire residential design and transform the way we experience our built environments in 2024, is already evident in luxury residential buildings across the country. Whereas lobbies were often overlooked and viewed merely as transitional spaces, they now play an important role in signaling the lifestyle and overall design, serving as a true representation of the architects’ and designers’ vision for the project.

By integrating natural elements such as curved shapes and natural light, biophilic designs in building lobbies create new spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy while also promoting sustainability and personal well-being. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, lobbies with biophilic designs become oases of tranquility, ultimately enhancing people’s entrance back into their homes and leaving a lasting impression on visitors. Below are some stunning lobbies that create a lasting first impression by incorporating trending biophilic design.

Color Trends in 2024

According to Pantone® Color Institute experts, colors for NYFW Spring 2024 are infused with a hint of nostalgia yet at the same time speak to transformation as we embrace a more positive way of living. A new sense of freedom is reflected in this palette of evocative yet familiar tones that open the door to the exploration of our creative potential to re-visualize the future. With the desire for personal self-expression at the center of fashion, feelings of joy and comfort come through in the colors we engage with as we boldly enter this new era.

“Colors for NYFW Spring 2024 inspire feelings of release. Opening the imagination and amplifying and liberating our own unique artistic spirit, they enable us to express ourselves in more inventive ways”, A harmonious mix of familiar shades infused with a contemporary edge, colors for NYFW Spring 2024 introduce a new interpretation of current times as memories of the past and a glimpse of the future bring hope for the present”.
Executive Director of the Pantone® Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman